Technology is essential to your business, but brings many challenges too.
Talk to us about your current business demands and you'll find our team see things from your perspective and can help you with:


What can be automated so your team can focus on their core work?


How do you get different technologies working together?


What happens when things don't work or processes are not efficient?


How do you keep your data accurate and real time - but accessible to key users?


Are you using the best technology to get the results you want with the least effort?
"Choosing the right partner to ensure you meet all these challenges - and more - is a big decision and you'll need to know you're really getting the best for your budget." Alpha Red Solutions can help - please get in touch.


There is usually a choice of solutions to your problem.
If you want a solution that is long-term and actively enhances your business you'll find our approach is to act as a partner
in your business. This means you'll get a solution that is not just for today, but for your business's future too.

CONSULTANCYWorking with you to deliver the best solution

Technology is not just a stick-on solution. Your system needs to be designed to work for your organisation enabling you to deliver for your clients seamlessly.

The Alpha Red Solutions team have been end users, like you, and understand your issues. They'll explore every aspect of your business and suggest solutions to improve your operation and take the pain away.

TECHNOLOGYExploring what you need to achieve

There are so many options it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The right technology will dramatically improve your organisation's productivity.

The GrandeConnect product provides an integrated solution with a high ROI - affordable for every size of business. You'll be prepared not just for today's business needs, but for the future too.

DEVELOPMENTCreating the solution that you want

If you have specialist business needs and you can't find the right technology to fit them - you can count on our talented development team to deliver a bespoke solution.

Tell us what you'd really like your technology to do for you and, whether you want a simple tool or a tailored system our developers will turn your 'Wish list' into reality.
"Alpha Red Solutions are technology enthusiasts dedicated to
innovative and breakthrough IT solutions."

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You'll find we're always ready to take on a challenge, so if it's technology tell us what you want the outcomes to be and we'll get to work.
These are some of the areas we've delivered solutions in:


If you're looking for a streamlined, cost-effective and proven solution, talk to us about how IT can develop your airline business to be more effective, innovative - and more profitable.

You'll get intelligent IT strategy development to meet your business needs; performance improvement to reduce costs and improve outcomes and ongoing advice to ensure maximum effectiveness.


If you are selling products or services online you need security and an efficient e-commerce eco-system to make purchases easy for your customers. The operating system includes web front end, mobile platform and payment gateway.

The GrandeConnect Integration Platform together with GrandePay Payment Gateway Module ticks both these boxes so you can make and process sales without lifting a finger. Customer


Now most organisations are operating with multiple platforms and multiple environments and, to be effective, everything needs to be integrated. The Alpha Red Solutions architects and developers have designed the very latest in integration technology - the GrandeConnect Integration Platform - giving you coordinated and robust data management that can be accessed via a range of platforms, languages and devices.


If you're looking for a more efficient and effective technology solution, talk to our design and development team. They can create the software that will deliver exactly what you want today and tomorrow - whether in-house or in the Cloud with secure access from
"Talk to us about your challenges
and let us help you to make technology work harder for you."


This is where all your systems are brought together to operate seamlessly
so you don't have to replicate work done in one system in another.
GrandeConnect gives you:


Use the system that is best for purpose, without having to compromise because your systems don't talk to each other. GrandeConnect lets you connect up any internal and external systems you're currently using to create one powerful integrated system.


Existing applications integrate, automate and deliver the solutions your business wants, without complicated work-arounds. GrandeConnect does the hard work so you get high quality reslts no matter what.


The system eliminates dplication, automates taskes, saves time and is priced to mae it affordable for businesses of all sizes. GrandeConnect will leverage your operation to give you a much higher return on investment.
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These are just a few of our clients:
"Partnership with our clients is the most valued, central aspect of everything we do.
Close relationships with our clients make our solutions work better and better -
we work in your business as well as on your business."


Mayflower is a leading travel agency with more than 50 years history in Malaysia.
The company embarked on the digital transformation initiative and needed to introduce new technology so they can drive the business forward and keep abreast with the market.
Alpha Red Solutions met their challenges by:
Introduction of GrandeConnect middleware which serves as the backbone for integration of existing systems and new products
GrandeConnect middleware powering all the integrations between sales channels as well as the supplier sources.
Revamp of the website content management system and web booking engine to enhance booking flow.
Introduction of API web services for all products through GrandeConnect to facilitate the expansion of distribution channels.
Development of the booking tool for B2C and B2B business to take cater for different target markets.

We have given Mayflower enhancing technology that has improved productivity and product sourcing, streamlined their operations and reduce wastage, subsequently delivering higher profitability.

flyNAS is a leading low cost carrier in Saudi Arabia.
The company had limited technical resources and expertise and needed to introduce new initiatives and technology so they can drive the business forward.
Alpha Red Solutions met their challenges by:
Introduction of GrandeConnect middleware which serves as the backbone for integration of existing systems and new products
Revamp of the website content management system and web booking engine to enhance booking flow
Development and deployment of a mobile platform integrated to GrandeConnect that supports mobile web, iOS and Android
Introduction of new ancillary products for hotel bookings and car rentals via integrated to third party providers through GrandeConnect
Development of the Grandepay payment gateway (an extension module of GrandeConnect) to support various new payment channels and multiple currencies.

We have given flyNAS enhancing technology that has improved productivity and streamlined their operations, subsequently delivering higher profitability.
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You'll get personal attention and global experience. The team started out as end-users so we have first-hand experience of what our customers want. Other IT consultants obviously weren't delivering what was needed as we quickly found our services were in demand.

You'll find our specialist team are experts in Airline, E-Commerce, Payment Gateway, Web Optimization, Web Performance, and Reservations. They take a pragmatic approach and deliver the solution you actually want, not something fancy that does a lot of things you don't need.

We're proud to have been awarded MSC status by the Malaysian Government; a mark of world-class status and achievement, this means you can rely on a five star service and superb results.

"Choosing the right partner to meet all your challenges - and more - is a big decision
and you'll need to know you're really getting the best for your budget."


Talk to us about your IT challenges and your vision for the future
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